Terms & Conditions

 The M&C Loyalty Club Programme has been set up by the Millennium & Copthorne Hotels plc ("M&C") to recognise and reward the frequent guests of its hotels, worldwide.

The Benefits offered under the Programme shall, at all times, be determined by M&C at its sole discretion. M&C may, in determining the Benefits of the Programme, take into account the views of its affiliates or franchisees operating hotels under a franchise agreement with the M&C Group.

The brands currently participating in the Programme include Grand MillenniumGrand CopthorneMillenniumCopthorneM HotelStudio M HotelKingsgate.

Brands may be added or deleted, from time to time, at the sole discretion of M&C. The list of all participating M&C Hotels (the "Participating Hotels") appears on the M&C Loyalty Club website at www.mncloyalty.com. The list of Participating Hotels may be amended, at any time, at M&C's sole discretion.



Where the context so admits, the words and expressions specified below shall have the meanings set out opposite them:

"Active Member" is defined as any Member having Points activity (accrual or redemption) within the preceding three (3) year period.

"Benefits" is defined in Part VII below.

"e-Vouchers" are defined in Part VI Paragraph 2 below.

"M&C" shall mean Millennium & Copthorne Hotels plc a public listed company incorporated in the United Kingdom and listed on the London Stock Exchange with its registered address at Victoria House, Victoria Road, Horley, Surrey RH6 7AF, United Kingdom.

"M&C Group" shall mean M&C and its related companies, affiliates and subsidiaries.

"M&C Loyalty Club Website" is the website at www.mncloyalty.com on which the Programme Terms and Conditions and Participating Hotels as well as other relevant information relating to the Programme will be displayed from time to time by M&C.

"Loyalty Points" or "Points" are defined in Part IV below.

"Member" means a person whose application for membership of the Programme has been accepted by M&C and who is subject to the membership terms set out in Part III hereof and "Members" means all the Members of the Programme.

"Membership ID" means the 16-digit Member identification number.

"Participating Hotels" shall mean the M&C Group Hotels participating in the Programme, the details of which are given on the M&C Loyalty Club Website.

"Privileges" is defined in Part VII below.

"Programme" means the M&C Loyalty Club Programme set up by M&C for the benefit of frequent guests of Participating Hotels.

"Qualifying Spend" includes expenditures paid in full for room rates only for an overnight stay at a Participating Hotel at the eligible rate. Expenses for food & beverage, service charges, goods and services taxes (howsoever described) and other expenses included on the Participating Hotel's invoice for the qualifying stay shall not be included in any determination of the "Qualifying Spend". Expenditure at a Participating Hotel for non-eligible room rates including but not limited to:

  • Complimentary rooms;
  • Room rates in conjunction with airline and/or travel industry discounts;
  • Room rates of airline crew members paid by the airline;
  • Room rates for Group conventions / corporate meetings;
  • Room rates for selected long-term stays;

shall not qualify as a Qualifying Spend.

Qualifying Spend excludes gratuities, concierge and other hotel incidentals and non-hotel expenditures booked and paid for through the Participating Hotel.

"Qualifying Stay" is defined in Part V below.

"Redemption Partners" are independent merchants or Participating Hotels selected by M&C to supply the Rewards from time to time and may vary from country to country. The participating Redemption Partners will be listed on www.mncloyalty.com

"Rewards" is defined in Part VI below and shall include "e-Vouchers" as defined in Part VI.

"Terms and Conditions" means these terms and conditions as amended from time to time.

"US Dollar" or "US$" shall mean the currency of the United States of America.

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1.         Programme Sponsor

The programme is sponsored by Millennium & Copthorne Hotels plc of Victoria House, Victoria Road, Horley, Surrey RH6 7AF, United Kingdom and will be administered in its name and on its behalf by CPRV Vision Management Pte. Limited, a company incorporated in Singapore with its principal place of business at 177 River Valley Road #05M-15, Liang Court Singapore 179030 until further notice.

2.         Programme Assignment

The rights and obligations of M&C under the Programme may be assigned or transferred by M&C at any time, and performance of all obligations of the Programme Sponsor shall thereafter be the responsibility of the assignee or transferee.

3.         Programme Availability and Termination

M&C reserves the right to restrict, suspend, discontinue or cancel any part of or this entire Programme upon thirty (30) days' written notice posted on www.mncloyalty.com and sent to the electronic mailing address of all Active Members (the "Termination Notice"). No claims for Points will be accepted after the date of the Termination Notice. Any claims made but not approved by the date of the Termination Notice will be deemed invalid and of no effect. Members may redeem earned Points for Rewards up to ninety (90) days after the date of the Termination Notice. Points not redeemed within the said period will be forfeited.

4.         Changes in Terms and Conditions

M&C reserves the right to change, limit, modify or cancel the Programme, these Terms and Conditions, the Benefits, conditions of participation, Rewards and reward levels in whole or part at any time. No Member shall have the right to object to any change implemented by M&C to the Programme or these Terms and Conditions or the Benefits which has the effect of affecting or may affect the value of Points or Rewards already accumulated by that Member.

5.         Notice of Changes

Any changes made to the Programme or these Terms and Conditions or the Benefits will be shown on www.mncloyalty.com and will take effect immediately unless otherwise stated. M&C will attempt to notify Active Members of Programme changes but will not be liable for any failure to do so. All announced changes will be binding on all Members.

6.         Employer Restrictions

M&C assumes no responsibility for compliance with any policy of the employer of any person desirous of participating as a Member of the Programme which prohibits or restricts the rights of the said would-be Member to participate in the Programme. Persons desirous of enrolling as Members are informed that participation to the Programme may require the prior approval of their employer. It shall be the responsibility of the person seeking membership of the Programme to obtain all necessary prior approvals for participation in the Programme. Members will be asked to confirm that they have obtained prior approval from their employer upon enrolment into the Programme.

7.         Restricted by Law

This Programme will not be offered in jurisdictions where participation in such a rewards based membership programme is prohibited or restricted by law and/or where the award of points and/or the grant of rewards or benefits are not permitted by law or regulation. Guests domiciled in such jurisdictions should not knowingly apply for membership or seek to participate in the Programme. Applicants who are known to be domiciled or ordinarily resident in such jurisdictions will not be permitted to participate in or claim Points or Rewards or Benefits under the Programme. Existing Members who become or are discovered to be domiciled in or ordinarily resident in such jurisdictions will have their membership of the Programme terminated by M&C forthwith upon it becoming aware thereof.

8.         Programme Violations

Programme violations, fraud or abuse will be subject to appropriate administrative and/or legal action by appropriate governmental authorities. M&C reserves all rights to take appropriate action including, without limitation, the forfeiture of all M&C Loyalty Point transfers, Rewards, Benefits or merchandise issued pursuant to Point redemptions and any accrued Points in a Member's account, as well as cancellation of the Member's account and the Member's future participation in the Programme upon discovery of any violation of the Programme Terms and Conditions or fraud or abuse on the part of a Member.

9.         Programme Interpretation

Interpretations of the Programme Terms and Conditions shall be at the sole discretion of M&C. The decision of M&C shall be binding on all matters concerning the Programme. Neither the Programme nor any Benefit offered by the Programme shall create, constitute or give rise to any legal or contractual rights in favour of the Members of the Programme against M&C or any other M&C Group Company.

10.         Restrictions

The booking of any accommodation, meeting venue or other services for which Points are claimed and awarded hereunder, shall at all times be subject to the Participating Hotel's terms and conditions. The Programme cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or rewards programme.

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1.         Conditions

To be eligible for membership under the Programme, the following conditions must be met:

  • The would-be Member must be an individual traveller or corporate guest. Membership will not be offered to any person who makes bookings or reservations for guests and/or for meeting rooms in any Participating Hotel for and on behalf of his or her employer;

  • The would-be Member must be at least 21 years of age;

  • Only one (1) account per Member is allowed.

2.         Exclusions

The following individuals are not allowed to participate to the Programme:

  • Employee of a company in the M&C Group or an M&C plc franchisee who do not provide their membership details to the Programme staff in M&C;

  • Travel agents and conference agents.

3.         Participating Hotels

The Programme is currently available at all Participating Hotels which are located in various countries around the world. The list of Participating Hotels and the countries in which they are located are shown on the Programme's website and is subject to change, by simple notice posted, at M&C's discretion, on www.mncloyalty.com, from time to time.

4.         Tier Levels

The Programme will have three (3) tiers namely,

  • M&C Loyalty Club Classic,

  • M&C Loyalty Club Gold, and

  • M&C Loyalty Club Diamond.

New Members will be enrolled in the M&C Loyalty Club Classic tier after they have registered online.

M&C Loyalty Club Gold membership will be awarded to Classic Members who have garnered four (4) qualifying stays or more in their Classic membership period.

M&C Loyalty Club Gold Members will start their membership term from the following month in which they qualified for entry to the Gold tier. To retain the M&C Loyalty Club Gold tier membership, Members must have four (4) or more qualifying stays during the two (2) year membership period.

Members who fail to meet the re-qualification criteria will be downgraded back to the M&C Loyalty Club Classic tier.

M&C Loyalty Club Diamond membership will be awarded to Gold Members who have garnered twelve (12) qualifying stays or more during any twelve (12)-month period within their Gold membership period.

M&C Loyalty Club Diamond Members will start their membership term from the following month in which they qualified to the M&C Loyalty Club Diamond tier. To retain the M&C Loyalty Club Diamond tier membership, Members must have twelve (12) qualifying stays or more during the two (2) year membership period. M&C Loyalty Club Diamond Members who fail to meet the re-qualification criteria will be downgraded back to the M&C Loyalty Club Gold tier.

Members of the Gold and Diamond tier will maintain their membership for a two (2)-year term and the Classic tier for a one year term.

5.         Registration Process

Members will be registered online or by automatic invitation upon meeting the Programme's qualifying criteria. On registration, a Member will be sent his or her Membership ID and password by electronic mail. Upon receipt of this information, an applying Member must complete the mandatory registration details online at www.mncloyalty.com and confirm acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Use of the Membership ID for making reservations shall also imply the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


6.         Rejection of Membership by M&C

M&C reserves the right to refuse any application for membership without obligation to cite a reason for the refusal.

7.         Cancellation of Membership by M&C

M&C may at its sole discretion cancel the membership of any Programme Member and revoke any and all unredeemed Loyalty Points collected by such Member for reasons that include, but are not limited to:

  1. violation of these Terms and Conditions by the Member;

  2. misrepresentation of any information or any misuse of this Programme by the Member;

  3. violation of any national, state or local law or regulation in connection with the use of membership benefits by the Member;

  4. failure by the Member to pay for hotel charges or any other payments due to a Participating Hotel;

  5. fraud or abuse by a Member involving any aspect of this Programme;

  6. the Member holding more than one active account; or

  7. any action by the Member which in the opinion of M&C is or is likely to be to the detriment of the Programme.

Cancellation of a Member's participation in the Programme shall take effect immediately upon service of the notice of termination by M&C on the Member concerned. All Loyalty Points earned by that Member as at the date of the notice of termination of membership will be forfeited.

8.         Termination of Membership by Member

Members may cancel their membership by written notice to the M&C Loyalty Club Customer Service at enquiry@mncloyalty.com. A Member will have thirty (30) days from the receipt by M&C of the Member's notice of termination to redeem his or her Loyalty Points. All unredeemed Loyalty Points will be forfeited after this date.

9.         Lapsed Accounts

M&C Loyalty Club membership accounts shall remain valid until cancellation by the Member or M&C.

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1.         Awarding of Loyalty Points

Subject to other frequency, recency and monetary ("FRM") measures, Loyalty Points are not awarded on fractions of US$1.00. Loyalty Points are awarded to Members and added to their account on the basis of two Loyalty Points for every US$1 of Qualifying Spend at Participating Hotels.

Loyalty Points are not awarded on cancelled bookings or bookings which have not been paid for in full.

A Member must quote his or her Membership ID when making any booking.

A Gold or Diamond Member must present his or her Membership Card at check-in and/or when settling the bill on check-out of the Participating Hotel in order to be awarded Loyalty Points. Classic members need to quote the membership number as received in the activation email upon successful registration. Loyalty points are not awarded for qualifying stays which earn Frequent Flyer Programme (FFP) miles and vice versa.

2.         Loyalty Points Have no Cash Value

Loyalty Points are not redeemable for cash or any other form of credit and have no value until presented for redemption in accordance with the Programme Terms and Conditions.

Loyalty Points have no fixed or ascertainable cash value.

Members have no ownership interest in accrued Points and accrued Points are not the property of the Members.

The use of the word "earn" in these Terms and Conditions and in the Programme marketing materials in relation to Loyalty Points shall mean "collect" and shall not infer that the Points have any value until they are presented for redemption.

Loyalty Points may not be purchased or sold and are not transferable except as otherwise stated herein.

3.         Loyalty Points Adjustments

Loyalty Points listed in a Member's account are subject to change to reflect actual Qualifying Spend, any adjustments and any Programme changes.

Members who believe that their account activity statement is inaccurate must contact the M&C Loyalty Club Customer Service at enquiry@mncloyalty.com. Point adjustments will not be made more than sixty (60) days after the last day of the event to which the claimed Loyalty Points relate. Members must keep all hotel receipts and invoices as they will be required to verify Point adjustment requests.

4.         Validity of Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points are valid for a twenty four (24)-month period, save in the event that a Member's account lapses, is cancelled, or the Programme is terminated for any reason whatsoever when such Loyalty Points shall be deemed to have lapsed on the date of the lapsing or cancellation of the Membership or the termination of the Programme.

5.         Retroactive Claims on Joining

Members cannot claim Points for events at Participating Hotels preceding the date of application for Loyalty Club membership.

6.         Redeemed Points

Points listed as "redeemed" are deducted from a Member's account and can no longer be redeemed or transferred.

7.         Exchange Rate

The rate of exchange used for the conversion of Qualifying Spend incurred in non-US Dollars into US Dollars for the purpose of calculating the number of Points to which a Member is entitled shall be the rate selected by M&C at its sole discretion.

None of M&C and/or any member of the M&C Group warrants or guarantees the accuracy of any rate used for the conversion of Qualifying Spend.

The calculation of the number of Loyalty Points on the basis of the then current currency exchange rate is final and binding on Members and cannot be challenged.

The equivalent value of redemption e-Voucher for Food & Beverage in the applicable local currency will be calculated at the Participating Hotel's prevailing exchange rate of the day.

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1.         Record of Qualifying Stays

Qualifying stays shall be registered in a Member's record and added to the Member's account if at least one (1) room night during one (1) qualifying stay was paid for based on the Eligible Rates at the Participating Hotel at which the Member stayed.

Qualifying stays shall be registered only to the paying Member in an event where two (2) Members have shared the same room.

2.         Exclusions of Multiple Qualified Stays

Reservation of multiple rooms, under the name of a Member, during the same stay, shall be counted only as one (1) qualifying stay.

Only one (1) qualifying stay will be credited to a paying Member per stay, regardless of the number of registered guests per room.

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1.         Redeeming Points for Rewards

Members may redeem their Loyalty Points for Rewards online at www.mncloyalty.com

Rewards are offered by Redemption Partners.

Members must have the required number of Points in their account prior to attempting to redeem Loyalty Points for Rewards. All offers and rewards are subject to availability.

M&C reserves the right to delete, add, modify or substitute Rewards and the number of Loyalty Points required to redeem the Rewards or award selections in this Programme at any time.

2.         Redemption e-Vouchers

Redemption of Rewards will be in the form of e-Vouchers and is subject to the terms and conditions and restrictions imposed by the Redemption Partners.

The number of Loyalty Points required for redemption of Rewards is subject to change at any time.

E-Vouchers are valid only at retail locations or at the online store of the Redemption Partner concerned and have no cash value.

E-Vouchers cannot be returned or exchanged. Expired, lost or stolen e-Vouchers cannot be reissued. The choice of e-Vouchers is subject to change without notice.

E-Vouchers are void in jurisdictions where the issue thereof is prohibited.

All e-Vouchers must be redeemed in accordance with the procedures specified on the e-Voucher or the procedures specified by the Redemption Partner concerned.

E-Vouchers are only valid for the individual named on the e-Voucher and are not transferable.

E-Vouchers may not be redeemed for cash or any other form of credit. Identification may be required for e-Voucher redemption. Unused portions of partially redeemed e-Vouchers shall be considered fully redeemed. No credit will be given for partially used e-Vouchers.

E-Vouchers must be used by the stated expiration date after which they will have no value and cannot be presented for redemption.



4.         Tax Liability

Loyalty Points or Rewards received through participation in the Programme may be subject to tax liability in the hands of the Member of the Programme.

All tax liability, including and without limitation, disclosure connected with the receipt and/or use of Loyalty Points or Rewards shall at all times be the responsibility of the Member.

5.         Independent Contractors

Redemption Partners are independent contractors of M&C. Nothing herein or in any other material relating to the Programme, including without limitation the use of the word "partner", is intended or shall be construed as establishing any agency, partnership, or joint venture relationship between M&C or any other M&C plc company and Redemption Partners.

M&C, its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, franchisees and agents are not responsible or liable for the conduct of Redemption Partners and/or their programmes or services, including without limitation any changes in or discontinuance of their services or the delivery of products or services offered by them.

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1.         Redeeming For Benefits and Privileges

Benefits and Privileges may vary between Participating Hotels. M&C Loyalty Club Gold and M&C Loyalty Club Diamond Members must present their Membership Card to redeem Benefits and Privileges.

M&C reserves the right to delete, add, modify or substitute Benefits and Privileges in this Programme, at any time. All Terms and Conditions of Benefits and Privileges will be updated on www.mncloyalty.com from time to time.

2.         Benefits and Privileges available to M&C Loyalty Club Gold and M&C Loyalty Club Diamond Members

M&C Loyalty Club Gold and M&C Loyalty Club Diamond Members are entitled to the following services and recognition as Benefits and Privileges at Participating Hotels. All services are subject to availability and services may vary between Participating Hotels.

  1. Fast-track registration is available to those Members for whom the Participating Hotel has the Member's personal profile information and a valid credit card number on file.

  2. Fast track check-in at selected Participating Hotels.

  3. Early check-in of 10am and late check-out of 4pm at no additional charge. Subject to availability upon request.

  4. Broadband benefits at participating hotels, where available.

  5. Complimentary local daily newspaper during the Member's stay.

  6. Complimentary welcome beverage voucher. The voucher will be issued to Members upon check-in.
  7. Two birthday e-Vouchers for Gold and Diamond members per Membership Year, qualifying the Member for:
    • A twenty per cent (20%) discount off the Weekend Packages (for Friday and Saturday nights) at Participating Hotels; and
    • Complimentary one (1) main course or buffet for the Member at Participating Hotels' owned and operated Food & Beverage outlets. This complimentary e-Voucher applies only if the Member uses the e-Voucher while dining with a minimum of two (2) persons
  8. Two (2) room upgrade e-Vouchers for each Gold tier Member per year. Diamond tier Members will receive four (4) room upgrade e-Vouchers per year. Each e-Voucher is valid for a maximum stay of three (3) consecutive nights, subject to availability, and must be presented upon check-in.
  9. A twenty per cent (20%) discount off the total food & beverage bill at Participating Hotels' owned and operated Food & Beverage outlets (excluding room service) for Diamond tier Members.

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1.         Personal Data - Update of Personal Information

Each Member is responsible for advising M&C of any personal information changes. A Member may choose to update his or her personal information via www.mncloyalty.com

Data collected in conjunction with the M&C Loyalty Club Programme shall be considered the property of M&C at all times.

2.         Use of Information Collected

M&C may share a Member's data and information which it collects as part of this Programme with its personnel and with the M&C Group or which operate their hotels under a franchise agreement with an M&C Company. M&C may also share this information with selected third parties who offer goods or services that may be of interest to M&C Loyalty Club Members or with other companies with whom it has entered into cooperative or co-sponsored promotions, products or services.

3.         Legal Requirements - Disclosure of information

M&C will also disclose a Member's data and information, without the Member's permission, if M&C believes, in good faith, that such disclosures are required by any applicable law or court order or if such disclosures are necessary to investigate activities that may be harmful or injurious to the M&C Group or to the M&C website, to hotel guests, employees, or agents or to any Participating Hotels.

4.         Service Providers

M&C relies on third parties to provide services both through the M&C Loyalty Club website and in other communications with Members and potential Members of the Programme. While M&C generally requires such service providers to conform to these privacy policies and guidelines, M&C cannot control and shall not be responsible for their conduct if they fail to abide by these policies and guidelines.

5.         Third Party Websites

M&C cannot control and is not responsible for the collection of personal information by third-party websites, including websites owned or controlled by hotel room sellers, travel companies, or other distributors or any websites not controlled or authorised by M&C. Members may be able to access third-party websites through links on the M&C websites. Such third-party websites have their own separate privacy practices. M&C has no control over and no responsibility or liability for the practices and policies implemented by such third parties on their websites. Certain third-party websites may have received permission from M&C to use M&C trademarks, but may not provide a link to these Terms and Conditions or to the M&C Privacy Policy and Disclosure. Members should communicate directly with such websites to get information about their privacy practices and policies.

These Terms and Conditions and the M&C Privacy Policy and Disclosure do not cover customers who enter the M&C websites through links from non-M&C sites, such as those of advertisers or other content providers.

6.         Effective Date

These Terms and Conditions became effective as of 15 April 2010 and may be amended from time to time.

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The information provided by the Member on the registration form will be handled by Millennium & Copthorne International Limited ("M&C") as data controller in accordance with applicable data protection requirements.  The information may be used by M&C, and transferred to other Millennium & Copthorne Hotels plc group companies (“M&C Group”) and third parties engaged by the M&C Group, both within and outside of the country or jurisdiction in which MCIL is located (including to countries outside the EEA), for purposes of managing and fulfilling your application, for enabling you to take advantage of the membership in the M&C Loyalty Club, for M&C Group’s internal reporting purposes, and for other business-related purposes permitted and/or required under applicable law.  Where data is transferred outside of the EEA, M&C will be responsible for data security and will ensure appropriate technical and organisational measures are in place. 

Marketing by Us

In addition, M&C would like to use the information you provide so that M&C and the M&C Group can contact you by mail or electronic means (including e-mail and SMS text messages) to keep you informed about hotel related products and services which we offer in relation to hotels which are owned or operated by the M&C Group. 

Tick the following boxes in order to receive the relevant communications from M&C and the M&C Group

[  ]  Monthly Loyalty Scheme e-statements

      M&C keep you updated on your M&C Loyalty Club account status and exciting perks by email. 

[  ]  Members offers and promotions

      Receive exclusive member only offers and special promotions across our Participating Hotels by email. 

[  ]  Member survey

Your feedback is important to us.  We would like to hear from you on how we can make your Millennium & Copthorne Hotels experience better than ever.  We will send you surveys relating to your experience by email. 

[  ]  Global e-newsletter from Millennium Hotels and Resorts  

Be in the know of new offers and happenings across more than 120 hotels worldwide by receiving newsletters by email. 

[  ] Other marketing from M&C and the M&C Group

      Receive other mail, e-mail or SMS messages from M&C and the M&C Group.

Third-Party Marketing

We also would like to share your details with selected business partners, affiliates and other third party providers (collectively “Associates”) so that they may contact you with details of products and services that may be of interest to you. 

[  ] Tick this box if you would like to receive mail, email or SMS messages from Associates. 

Except as set out above, we will not use your information for any other purpose unless you agree or unless we are required or permitted to do so by law.  By completing this registration form you are signifying your consent to your personal data being processed in accordance with the above statement.

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